The Point of Religion?

Skip the article and go directly to the final sentence. This is what the author ultimately wants you to remember.

“What we believe doesn’t in the end matter very much. What matters is how we live.”

Now, think about the inherent contradiction in that sentence. If Mr. Gray didn’t believe in the importance of that sentiment, would he have bothered to articulate it? If Mr. Gray didn’t believe that his subject matter was important, would have have taken the time to write the article? (Perhaps, but at the very least he believed that keeping a job was important and so took the time to turn in something for publication.)

How we live is based upon what we believe. We live selfishly because we believe that there is no one else more worth living for. (Yep, that’s a Rush lyric right there.) We live selflessly because we believe that our happiness is bound up with the well-being of others. What people believe about their deity is manifest in their deeds in relationship to others. And the case can be made that what people really believe is best seen by how they live their lives.

Mr. Gray and countless Christians (and other folks) have divorced belief from action in their thinking and have lost a critical piece of the human puzzle. James spoke in terms of “faith” and “works”, but the meaning and the end result is the same: one without the other is dead.

Perhaps you should’ve skipped this post and just read the book of James instead?


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