What does the empty tomb add?

“What does the empty tomb add?”

Marcus Borg posed this question in regards to the Easter narrative…I can’t remember if I heard it on a podcast or read it in a book. In other words, the importance of Easter is in no way diminished if the tomb was not in fact empty. For him, the spiritual value of Easter is not connected to or dependent upon a historical event commonly called The Resurrection. Wow.

The traditional greeting in many Christian communities on Easter Sunday is “Jesus is risen!” The response is “He is risen indeed!” Indeed…in fact…historical fact. If not, why bother?

The empty tomb adds nothing. It is the essence. If the tomb was not empty, then there’s no story. If Jesus didn’t walk out of that tomb, then there is no story. At least, none worth dying for…as so many have done. And a story that isn’t worth dying for isn’t worth living by either.


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