Say you want an insurrection?

Well, you know…that’s not really what Jesus was about.

I came across an artist who is currently on tour in the US who is likening belief in the resurrection to an insurrection. It’s a metaphor and so it probably shouldn’t be scrutinized very closely. However, is it a good metaphor? Was Jesus really leading an uprising against the established authority? I guess that depends on what you believe about that established authority. There’s also the question of whether or not believing a truth claim can be meaningfully equated with taking some sort of action against an established authority.

I think the metaphor of insurrection is a bad metaphor. Jesus was not leading a rebellion. He said so. He also wasn’t acting against an established authority. After all, He was God’s anointed king of the world. He had (and has) all authority in heaven and on earth, so what was there to rise up against? Jesus even told those who thought that they were the established authority that their power over him comes from “above”.  Even Satan had to admit that the kingdoms of the world had been given to him to be given to whomever he chose. (One wonders if he was telling the truth or if that was just the father of lies speaking his native language.) If it was given, then it had to be given by someone. No, the metaphor doesn’t make any sense in light of Scripture. It’s incoherent.

Jesus didn’t come to lead an insurrection. He came to inaugurate the new creation. It started with his resurrection and continues to this day.


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