Archetype? Not Quite.

I was in the school library today and came across a book called “The Hero Within” by Carol S Pearson.

She opens a chapter on page 275 with the following quotation:

“Nor should it be forgotten that moral law is not just imposed upon man from outside…it expresses a psychic fact. As the regulator of action, it corresponds to a preformed image, a pattern of behavior which is archetypal and deeply imbedded in human nature.” Erich Neumann, Depth Psychology and a New Ethic

Imago Dei.

The Latin Phrase didn’t come until just now, but the concept leapt to mind instantly. This Jungian “preformed image” that is “deeply imbedded in human nature” is an attempt to articulate the Biblical truth that man is the image-bearer of God. I know next to nothing about the fullest expression of Carl Jung’s psychology so I won’t attempt to make the connections too firmly, but the bits that have filtered through various media into my mind linked up with those bits of Scripture that are most compatible with them the moment I read the above quotation, and it was pleasant.

God is not a product of the collective subconscious, but perhaps as the Creator of the collective and consciousness, He has left a sort of marker there for Jung and his students.


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