…about “cultural homogeny”.

LCC is hosting a conference on the subject and I recently got their call for papers. I’d love to be able to submit a proposal and present but I don’t see it happening…simply, it might be a bit out of my depth.

That being said, I’ve thinking a lot about the concept and particularly one of questions posed in the announcement of the conference. The question reads “Is globabl oneness a desired good?” I guess “global oneness” is a kind of synonym for cultural homogeny…? Anyway, my thoughts are turning around this pivot for the moment:

Cultural homogeny is not only a desired good, but it is a fait accomplii…at least according to my understanding of the Biblical narrative. To put it succinctly: the final scene of the Revealation shows the One God ruling His One People for the New Jerusalm in the context of a New Heaven and a New Earth. This is the fullfillment of the Kingdom of God, so what other cultures will there be? We could say that the “nations”  and “the kings” who bring “their splendor” into the Kingdom represent the inclusion of other cultures; however its apparent that they will all be under the rule of God. Whatever culture exists at the end of human history, it will have no competitors vying for a dominant position. There will only be one culture, Kingdom Culture…at least, that’s how I see it for the moment.


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