Can Christians Acknowledge the Qur’an to be the Word of God?

The title of this post is also the title of an upcoming seminar at the University of Durham (UK) presented by  Professor David Burrell, current of Notre Dame.

I don’t know anything in the world about Professor Burrell, so I have no idea what his answer will be, so this will not be a criticism of the professor’s position in anyway. Instead, I thought I’d just post the following comment:

Since this is the topic for a seminar, I’m sure that  there will a long lecture/discussion, however I am also sure that there doesn’t need to be. In fact, my decidedly unscholarly answer to the question is as follows:


Christians can not acknowledge the Qu’ran to be the Word of God because the Qu’ran denies the divinity of Jesus. Christians, whatever else you may wish to say in order to define us, are people who believe that Jesus is God come to Earth. This is flatly denied by the Qu’ran. To claim to be a Christian and to acknowledge the Qu’ran as the Word of God are contradictory actions and absolutely incompatible.

Consequently, I confess, it seems like an odd question to address in a seminar.




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