Today I’m celebrating more than 2000 hits.

Thanks to the following for their comments:
Really Robin, Kyle, Anonymous, Joe Arant, Wonders for Oyarsa, Dave Carlson, Rereblabe, Lancey, Mike F., lionelwoods7, abdulmomin, Sukran, Bobby Goat GRUFF! and Bad (aren’t you two the same guy?), John Shore, eblack, Chermone, Manas, Teresa, -30-, Natasha, Mark, Gabriel Somoza, lovesleftovers, brahnamin, and Steve.

Thanks also to my wife, who reads but never comments…online.  Thanks to the visitors who have wandered by, yet have not commented. And finally, thanks to all the spammers and spambots who, despite filters, have helped to make 2000 plus hits possible. 🙂

What does the future hold for AMTOG? Retirement.

I don’t know when exactly. I just know that the coming year is going to be stressful and busy as I get ready to return to the states with my family. Without a loyal readership, there isn’t any pressure to post regularly and I understand that irregular posting is a really good way to kill a blog, so I’d rather euthanize the blog myself as opposed to leaving to die of neglect. But, that’s some time in the future. I’ve still got a least one “apology” post to publish and some other ideas to express before I turn in my keyboard.

Until next week…


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