What Kind of Car Would Jesus Have Driven?

Jesus would have driven a minivan.

Sound like heresy? I don’t think so. I know he never married and never had children, but he had 12 disciples with him practically everywhere he went. Granted, there isn’t a minivan on the market today that can hold twelve people but remember, people were probably smaller back in Jesus’ day as a result of (mal)nutrition. (I see examples of this almost everyday. Here in the host country, Indians from poorer areas of India are significantly shorter and thinner than those from more modern areas.) He could have taken out the second and third rows of seats and easily fit 12 disciples in the back. But he wouldn’t have done that. Not everyone would have been able to wear a seat belt. So maybe he wouldn’t have driven a minivan. Well, whatever Jesus would have driven, I’m confident that he would have chosen the safest vehicle on the market and I’m sure that he would have paid cash for it.

What I need to know is; if Jesus had 8,000 USD to spend on a used minivan and he had to choose between an older Japanese car (like a 2000 Honda Odyssey) and a newer American car (like a 2004 Chevrolet Venture), which one would he choose? Would he go with the older vehicle with the better reputation or would he go with the newer vehicle with the worse reputation?

Yeah, this really is all about me. We’re planning on buying a minivan when we visit the states this summer and we’re having a tough time figuring out what the wise path is. I’m certain that the wise path is not to go into debt for anything, especially a car, that is certain to go down in value. Beyond that I just don’t know. As I’ve been praying about it, I’ve come to see that a wise thing to do is to buy the best that I can afford…but I don’t know how to evaluate “best”. Over at MSN Autos, the “experts” rate the Odyssey high (9/10) and the Venture low (7/10), however owners who have commented score the Venture high (8.7) and the Odyssey slightly lower (8.3). Odysseys are much more expensive to repair than Ventures according to Consumer Guide Autos. If we start considering the 2000 Toyota Sienna at this point, the issue gets a little more clouded. The Sienna is ranked below the Odyssey and above the Venture by experts and only slightly below (8.6/10) the Venture by users. Repairs are still more expensive than the Venture but less than the Odyssey. The Odyssey and the Sienna have much better safety ratings than the Venture. So, if I go back to what I said earlier about Jesus buying the safest vehicle he could afford and paying cash for it, I guess I have to choose between the Honda and the Toyota.

I wonder which one he would choose.



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2 responses to “What Kind of Car Would Jesus Have Driven?

  1. Doesn’t scripture say they all traveled in one [Honda] Accord?

    I’m just saying…

  2. amtog

    Hmm…so the Honda is the “Biblical” choice.

    Do you think Jesus would get the extended warranty or would he “heal” any transmission problems on his own?

    Thanks for visiting Robin.

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