Jesus Hears a Who

Perhaps the seed for the question was planted by the most recent adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s “Horton Hears a Who” which I took my children to see about a week ago. There’s a moment in the film when Horton, speaking to the mayor of Whoville speculates that perhaps “we” (being he and the audience) are also living on a speck which is currently being viewed by someone much larger, just as Horton is doing. Perhaps this is what was driving the question that my four-year old son asked me on the way to church recently. He said, “Dad, are we a play set?”

I didn’t immediately understand the question so I repeated it to him. “Yeah, are we a play set?” What did he mean by “play set”? As I so often do when I haven’t a clue, I turned it back on him and said, “What do you think?” He said that he thought we are but that he didn’t know who was playing with us. At this point my six-year old chirped up. “I know who’s playing with us; Jesus!” The four-year old said, “But I don’t see Jesus over those cars. He’s not a kid.” Then I realized that by “play set”, my son meant something like the Legoes that we have in our house with buildings and people (Spiderman, Mary Jane, a cop and Venom!). As the philosophical depth of my child’s question dawned on me, I heard him say, “Dad, is Jesus playing with us?”



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