Doctor, My Brain Hurts!

I’m just posting to say that I won’t be posting this week. (Feeling a bit woozy from the Buick 🙂 )

Instead, I thought that I’d share some links to some interesting things that I’ve read and listened to over the past 2 weeks.

From Reformed Perspectives Magazine- a critique of Sola Scriptura (found this by accident!)

From Stand to Reason-“Bad Arguments Against Calvinism

By way of Theopedia-a lecture on Calvinism’s take on salvation (really appreciated this!)

Steve, a former Calvinist, offers this.

Fred, a current Calvinist, explains why Steve is wrong.

I know that it’s pretty lame to post a bunch of links like this, but I need the break and if nothing else, I now have a place where I access these things again at a later date if I want to.

And if you’re curious, when next I post, it won’t be about Calvinism, Calvinists, and/or Reformed Theology… and if it is…(whimpering) help me. 😦

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