The Well Has Gone Dry

I had a burst of energy there for a while. I wrote several posts in advance, cued them up and then let them publish automatically. Now, I’ve run out of those surplus posts and it’s coming up on my self-imposed deadline.  It’s not like I haven’t been thinking and reading all that time. I have. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to order my thoughts into a readable bit of prose during the preceeding weeks.

I’ve been revisiting my views on Calvinsim, particularly its doctrine of predestination. From time to time, I do this because I tend to be drawn to Reformed types of preachers/teachers. They tend to be a cerebreal bunch, which appeals to me. And since they also tend to hold a high view of Scripture, I feel more drawn to them than to other Protestant preachers/teachers. Concsequently, I hear something impressively supported by Scripture, sharply disagree with it and then feel the need to revisit my views.

That’s what I’ve been doing these past several weeks as the post auto-published. I’ve been reading and thinking about predestination and trying to articulate why I believe that the Reformers have gotten wrong. Eventually, I’ll get it written but it won’t be today.


I’ll try to have something more substantial written next week.


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