Talking Theology on Tuesday

I like to blog these stories shortly whenever they come up, if for no other reason than to have them recorded for posterity…to be brought out many years later and shared!

As I was taking Son 1 and Son 2 to school this morning, we were listening to the Karen and Kids podcast.  Hearing someone say something about Jesus and Him saving us, Son 1 asks me from the backseat, “How will Jesus save us?” Pouncing upon the opportunity to summarize the four theories of atonement discussed in this book reviewed by Trevin Wax, I started out by saying…

No. I didn’t. I did what I normally do when my kids ask me such questions. I smiled, took a deep breath and took my best shot at answering. This is something akin to what I said:

There are many ways that Jesus saves us, and one way is when he comes back to be King on the Earth. When he comes back, he will take all of those people who are happy to see him, who love him and want him to be King and he will take away all of their bad stuff. He’ll take away all of their sins, all of their bad thoughts and their sickness and make them good. He will take away every bad thing so that those who love him can be with him forever.

Son 1 said that he loves Jesus and that he wants him to be King. Son 2, who was listening and finding it hard not to interrupt with his own questions finally got his chance and asked, “When Jesus comes, where will he sleep?”

Obviously, he’s welcomed to crash at our place.

Yea, crash Lord Jesus!


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