Light in the Darkness

This is something that I wrote a long time ago. Not sure exactly when. The image that I refer to is long gone, but I remember it well. You can probably find it or one like it online somewhere. After all, I’m sure that’s how I got it originally. Anyway, I was cleaning up the PC at work and found it. I thought I would give it a new home here on the blog.

I have a great image on my desktop computer at work. It’s a composite image of some satellite photos of the entire earth. Night has come upon the entire planet. Oceans are black beneath inky blue continents. The nations are illuminated causing the surface of the globe to look like various constellations have been dislodged from the heavens and fallen to the ground. The wonder of the photo is the brightness of mankind’s wealth and achievement. The US glows brightly on its coasts then dims a bit in between, yet Europe remains ablaze. Japan is so thoroughly illuminated that it’s hard to imagine there’s anywhere on the island that one could sleep without a light shining in your eyes.  An incredibly large portion of our globe has been electrified merely in the last century. All the same, my eye is drawn to the various voids.

Greenland is dark, as is much of Northern Canada. South America has a black interior. Australia is barely discernible. In the center of the screen, the overwhelming majority of Africa remains in darkness.

I imagine how this image might be altered if it were comprised in a slightly different manner. What if the cities and the nations were not illuminated by electricity, but rather by the presence of the kingdom of God? What if the darkness indicated the territory under the ruler of this world? How might the picture change? Would North America become barely perceptible against the black backdrop of the oceans? Would Europe simply vanish as though it had fallen into the sea? Would Africa change at all? Where would God’s presence be most visible?


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