In Search of God

Last week I intended to address what I believe to be the primary question of theology, “Who is god?” but I wasn’t able to. I was going to pick up with that theme this week, however, since it’s a rather hectic combination of the end of term at my school, the Christmas holidays and the attending end of the year chaos, I won’t be able to complete my post in time for my self-imposed Thursday deadline.

However, I don’t want to send you away empty-handed so I’ll share this with you. While I was running an errand, I was listening to the local broadcast of the BBC World Service in the van and tuned in ( a bit late) to a great interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury. The interviewer is John Humphreys and the program is called “In Search of God“. The gist of the program is simply this: crusty old journalist interviews heavy hitters of the big three monotheistic religions in an attempt to regain his lost faith in God. I thought it would be a good idea to listen to the interview and see what impact it might have on the thoughts that I’ve been trying to put together and write about here.

Technical note: it’s streaming media via RealPlayer, which I’m sure you have. I wish it were a podcast, but it isn’t.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post for real next Thursday and perhaps after listening to this, I’ll have an even better post than I’d originally planned.


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