Yep, even more of them.

Some of you might have noticed the new template, the revised name and even the revised About page. The explanation is simple: I’m having an identity crisis. At least as a blogger.

What kind of blogger am I? What kind of blogger do I want to become? You know, the standard questions that folks eventually ask before deleting a blog and going outside for a walk only to come home and start another blog all over again. (You know you’ve done it.) Well, this time I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to delete this blog. (Especially since I’ve managed to come up with a name that uses the letters A M T O G in my URL.) However, I would like to start again, if only mentally.

I know that I’m not a theologian or even a seminary student, but I do enjoy thinking, reading and writing about theology. I realize that I’m just educated enough to think that I’ve got something to say, when in fact I should probably just keep my blog shut and listen, however I tend to do my best learning through writing and discussion. So, I’ve decided to continue to post, but to do so less frequently. By allowing more time to pass between posts, I’ll be able to write longer pieces that I hope are better researched and thought-out. I’ll also be more conscientious about grammar and mechanics.

So, this is advanced notice for those few who check in from time to time: the next time I post will certainly not be two days from now. And when I do post again, I hope to have something more worth reading.


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