Post of Substance?

A friend of mine and I were corresponding a while back about blogging. He passed along some things for me to read about what constitutes good blogging, which I’ve tried to incorporate ever since. Some of the advice that I’ve tried to follow since reading it is to post concisely and frequently. A quick look through the archives will show that I don’t tend to have long posts and they come about every other day. Consequently, the quality of the posts is not always consistently good. Perhaps that would make AMTOG a good candidate for “Blog Euthanasia”, a term that comes from a lecture given at a recent Godblogger Convention in the states.


I learned about both the convention and the lecture over at Scriptorium Daily. Several of the writers associated with that site presented at the conference, but the one who spoke about “Trafficking in Substance: The Case for Blog Euthanasia” was Dr. Paul Spears. I’ve listened to the lecture twice now and I have conflicting feelings.


Spears has a high-view of blogging. He says toward the end of the lecture that  “Our job (as Christian bloggers) is to articulate the majesty of God in a way that’s properly evoking to our readers.” (italics mine) Everything up to that quote explained by analogy how to go about articulating the majesty of God and I agreed with and saw the good sense of all of it. The conflict arises when I think about where this person posts.


To me, Scriptorium Daily is not a blog. While it may use a blogging software to publish, I don’t consider it to be a blog because the comments are disabled. As I understand it, the key feature that transforms a static webpage into a dynamic blog is the comment utility. If readers cannot comment upon what they read and engage in a public discussion with the writer (and other readers), then the website in question is something other than a blog. So here is someone who lectures for nearly an hour about how to craft (a word that was used often) a blog of substance yet writes for a blog that, to me, isn’t a blog. I feel an important disconnect here.


I recommend that Godbloggers listen to the lecture. Despite my conflicting feelings, I am considering acting on some of Dr. Spears’ points. Particularly, I’m thinking about posting less frequently in order to have time to think more deeply and write more reflectively and to edit more conscientiously.


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