It’s About Time

When I decided to start this blog, I thought that “All My Thoughts on God” was a clever title. I thought that it had a sort of pop-culture vibe as a result of being lifted from a popular song by a group that, honestly, I never cared all that much about. (I just liked the one song, and really I only liked the music and that one bit of verse since I didn’t understand any of the other words…but I’m getting off topic.)

A quick run through the archives will show that I actually don’t write about God. Not really. In fact, the section at the top of the right column called “AMTOG is…” sums up this blog far more accurately than the title. However things are about to change. I think it’s time that I have a post that is about God. So here it is.

Sort of.

I’m not actually going to write my thoughts on God. Instead, I’m going to link to some other posts about God for you to enjoy while I try to put the baby to sleep. Once she’s snoozing away in her swing, I’m going to kick back and watch a movie while the wife is at a farewell party for a friend. Later, when I’m able to fully digest these two posts, I may take a stab at writing some commentary of my own about them or I may go fix myself a cup of tea (with milk, sugar and pinch of masla!) and see what interesting podcasts I can download on iTunes.

So, here are two posts filled with (someone else’s) thoughts about God.



I should probably think about changing the name of the blog…

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