Come As You Are

I recently read through Yahoo news that San Francisco is considering providing places for intravenous drug users to shoot-up. Of course, the supporters of such a program say that this is the humane thing to do. The assert that those people need a safe place and the competent hands of a trained nurse to administer the various drugs to which they are addicted.

Jesus is like those kind-hearted folks in San Francisco. He accepts folks as they are, where they are. However, Jesus doesn’t perpetuate the inhuman condition in which people come to Him. He doesn’t keep them addicted, dependent and weak. He restores their lives, makes them dependable and strong.

“Safe” places for drug abuse may be a human response, but it most certainly is not humane.



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2 responses to “Come As You Are

  1. Hah – you thought this was a real comment on your post. How wrong you were! This is just a meaningless comment to give you a feeling of the sheer disappointment that I felt when I thought you had an actual comment on my post Into Great Silence, when in fact you were using my blog to test something.

    See! It hurts, doesn’t it? 😉

    (feel free to delete this comment)

  2. amtog

    instead of deleting your maliciously vindictive comment…

    …i forgive you.


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