Thank you Atheists

First, for introducing me to John Shore. I’ve added this writer’s blog to the blogroll and I recommend paying him a visit. However, I feel that I should warn you of the following:

1) John Shore is a Christian

2) he gets lots of comments

3) which means whatever you might have to add to a conversation will probably get lost in the crowd…

so, please just leave your comments here. 😉

Okay, you’re right. That was my lame attempt to siphon off some traffic from a successful and more articulate blogger. I apologize, John.

Anyway, if you’re going to visit John Shore’s blog, allow me to direct you to this post. It’s called What Atheists Taught Me. In it, John pleads with Christians to listen to the atheists, really listen. And to respect them.

But how? How can Christians respect atheists?

(Hint: the same way we can respect everyone.)

I’ll elaborate on this later.

And second, for teaching me that I can up the number of visitors to my blog by simply adding the tag “atheist” to it. I promise I’ll not abuse this knowledge in the future.



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2 responses to “Thank you Atheists

  1. I think it’s shameful that you would purposefully add a word to the title of one of your posts just because it brings in more visitors. (Hint: I have found that “Britney Spears” also brings ’em in like kids to a popsicle truck.)

  2. “britney spears”


    hey now, what if i put “britney spears” AND “athiest” in my tags? then Google would come begging me to let them advertise…and i could finally make enough money to build that evangelical empire cum university i’ve always dreamed of!

    oh, the wheels are turning now!

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