For What It’s Worth

I got great response from the no-god camp on this post. Everybody expressed themselves in a civil manner and it was good. No debate. Just folks laying their perspective out there for my education.

I’ll be honest; it was hard not to attempt to defend and/or apologize for Christians and Christianity. It would have been wrong to do so, especially after saying that I wasn’t interested in debate. Yet, there are certainly some things that were said that I’ll probably want to revisit in later posts, after I’ve had some time to digest it all.

One thing that I won’t put off until later is an apology; not in the sense of a reasoned defense of a held belief, but instead in the sense of an expression of remorse for wrongs committed against another. There are some (a lot?) in the no-god camp who have been wronged by Christians and while I seriously doubt that anything I can post in my obscure blog could mean much to those folks, I still feel like I have to say:

I’m sorry that we Christians have treated you as though you were not human. I’m sorry that we have not been kind in our exchanges or civil in our debates. I’m sorry that where you were not our enemies at one point in time, we made you our enemies by failing to obey the God we claim to know and serve. We have dishonored you, our God and ourselves. I apologize.

Talk is cheap and words on blogs are perhaps even cheaper, but I felt I ought to put that out there. Also, I know that there are Christ-followers who live lives much more closely conformed to the likeness of Jesus than the ones you’ve met. I hope you meet them some day. Heck, one of them even writes a much better apology.



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2 responses to “For What It’s Worth

  1. It’s amazing what can be gained by an attempt to talk with each other and not at each other. Not that our disagreements aren’t serious, but that we both have much to gain in getting to know one another.

    I had a great podcast recently with an atheist named Emery, which was very enjoyable for this very reason.

  2. amtog

    thanks for linking the podcast here.

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