Global Warming Blasphemy

I disbelieve in the theory of Global Warming. Not for scientific reasons. Not for religious reasons. One could argue that I don’t even disbelieve for logical reasons. I disbelieve for visceral reasons: my gut tells me that whenever there’s an apparent majority opinion about some great cataclysm that is soon to befall the country, the planet, the universe, it’s wrong. Distopic predictions about the future of the world have been part of my whole life and none of them have come to pass.  Not Soylent Green, Not the Day After, not the Killer Bees or the Second Ice Age (anybody growing up in the 70’s remember hearing about this one?). Every prediction of annihailation and doom for all of mankind in my lifetime has missed the mark. People simply don’t know as much as they think they do and can’t see nearly as far ahead as they believe they can. If the weatherman can’t get the five day forecast right much of the time, why should I believe he’s going to accurately predict planetary destruction 50 years from now?

If anyone should know the limitations of human knowledge it ought to be Christians. It’s not like there isn’t plenty of examples of “pride going before a fall” in the Bible. Consequently, it distresses me to read something like this. So, let me make this plea to those who would represent Christianity on the world stage with regards to Global Warming: Please don’t endorse this theory. Confess that we Christians have been poor steward’s of God’s world because a good case can be made for that. But don’t go along with the crowd on this nihilistic, fear-mongering crusade to “save the planet” from a threat that probably doesn’t exist.


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