Asylum III

This is the third part in a series of posts about a friend of mine seeking religious asylum in the West. Part I is here. Part II is here.

Again, time passed so slowly in the cold detention hall. My heart was breaking as I watched my wife shiver from the cold. I prayed, “Lord, we are in need of your touch. We need a miracle of yours. Please make it easy on my wife.” I can’t remember the moment I fell asleep in my chair. I only remember my wife waking me up saying, “…I was flying in such a peaceful and warm dream! It was a wonderful dream. The Lord was telling me that we will get out today. You’ll see. We’ll got today. God is telling me so.” We didn’t see the woman again that night. As I thought about that woman and the coming interview, I figured it meant that God was going to send us a miracle.

At 9 am, the woman appeared again holding two files. Officer B, the friendly officer from the day before, was with her. He opened the door, looked into the hall and when he saw us, he said “Once I saw your names, I was shocked! I really can’t understand why you are still here, but I’m going to find out now!”

After ten minutes, a new woman came and called my wife. They were done for almost an hour. When the door finally opened again, I saw my wife looking refreshed and hold a sandwich. It turned out that the tough woman who went to “look for a translator” the night before didn’t meet with my wife. Instead, a nice and sweet lady did the interview. Why? For no other reason than the plans of our faithful and gentle Lord. There were times when the new lady was tough with my wife, but she told her “I am sorry but this is my job.”

Officer B. came again and said, “Guys, I am really sorry what happened. Ever since I came today I’ve been working hard on getting you out of here. Just give us some more time.” I think, my wife and I, will remember those words till we die. This time we couldn’t hold back our tears of happiness. We closed our eyes and prayed for him to stay in our story. Then he took us to another hall, gave us temporary ID’s, and explained to us what will happen once we left from there.

He said. “Some one will come to pick you up at 5pm. You’ll go into the city, have a good sleep and tomorrow you’ll be moved north will you’ll learn more details. You should wait in the detention hall until the someone comes to get you, but I feel so bad about your spending the night here last night that I’m letting you go now if you promise to be at the assembly point on time.”

B. took us to collect our bags, and at the gate of the holding area he said to the security guards, “Say bye to these nice people!” Everybody said bye! It was really funny and made us laugh. Then he told the guards to keep the woman who interviewed me posted.

We followed him to the arrival area.Huge emotions were storming in our hearts. We were thankful to God, happy and anxious for the chance to witness for our almighty Lord regarding what had happened to us.

At the arrival area, B. said, “This is as far as I can go with you. I wish you all the luck in the world!” As he walked away smiling he say “Make sure that you’re at the assembly point at 5pm! Don’t let me down!”

My wife and I stood there looking at each other wondering if it had all been a dream. We started walking around the airport just to be sure that we were really out. We found a corner, sat down and prayed. All I could say was, “Thank you Lord!” over and over again.

At 4pm, we were standing at the assembly area, and at 4:15 two guys came and told us, “Let’s go!” We walked with them, and very nice and gentle guy took us to a van, which took us out of the airport.It took almost one hour to reach an amazing, old church that had been turned into a huge house for refugees. In this place we had another touch from our faithful and gentle Lord that I will tell you about in my next email.


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